Monday, December 8, 2008

Oracle Configuration Manager Install

Downloaded the platform specific OCM binaries from Metalink.
Unzip'd to $ORACLE_HOME/ccr (as recommended by Oracle).
unzip -d $ORACLE_HOME

Install OCM:
execute the following:
$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/setupCCR -s
Provide your email address to be informed of security issues, install and
initiate Oracle Configuration Manager. Easier for you if you use your MetaLink
Email address/User Name.
Visit for details.
Email address/User Name:
Provide your MetaLink password to receive security updates via your MetaLink
Password (optional):
** Installing base package **
Deploying core - Version
** Registering installation with Oracle Configuration Manager server(s) **
Deploying engines - Version
Deploying metricdata - Version
Deploying scripts - Version
** Getting package updates from ContentServer **
** Starting the Oracle Configuration Manager Scheduler **
Oracle Configuration Manager - Release: - Production
Copyright (c) 2005, 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Starting Oracle Configuration Manager...
Waiting for status from Oracle Configuration Manager....
Start Date 27-Aug-2008 07:42:54
Last Collection Time -
Next Collection Time 28-Aug-2008 07:41:00
Collection Frequency Daily at 07:41
Collection Status scheduled collection running
Log Directory /scratch/jdoe/test/ccr/hosts/myhost/log
Registered At 27-Aug-2008 07:41:57
Automatic Update On
Collector Mode Connected
Oracle Configuration Manager successfully started.
Oracle Configuration Manager has been configured in connected mode. If the
target ORACLE_HOME is running a database, please refer to the
"Post-installation Database Configuration" section of the OCM Installation
and Administration Guide
( to complete the
View configuration data reports and access valuable configuration best
practices by going to MetaLink.