Saturday, August 16, 2008

To speed up large patchsets or merge patches with adpatch

# to run a large merge patch in minimum time without multiple compiles etc turn off the unnecessary options. After the patch has completed, you will need to manually run these steps using adadmin.

adpatch options=nogenform,nocompiledb,noautoconfig,nocompilejsp

#To run adpatch in silent mode, first edit adalldefaults.txt then run patches as follows :-

adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.txt patchtop=/TARGZ2TEMP/test/FPKRUP1/5610862_JA workers=15 options=nogenform,nocompiledb,noautoconfig,nocompilejsp logfile=u5610862_JA.log